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Thu Feb 10 10:29:22 EST 2000

Hi all

Our group is about to buy a phosphorimager
system. We have narrowed our candidates down to
two: the Typhoon from Molecular Dynamics and the
FLA-3000 from FUJI. BIORAD's FX system could be a
possible outsider.

We like the idea of having an imager for both
radioisotopes and fluorescence. One of our main
applications would be EGFP detection from
microtiter cell-culture plates in addition to
'normal' isotope imaging (Southerns etc.). As far
as we can see, EGFP detection could be a problem
with the Typhoon? Another problem with the
Typhoon is of course that it has not been
released yet...

As for the FUJI, how many lasers (and which ones)
would you recommend we bought, should we choose
that imager? Any recommendations (or the
opposite) from you FLA-users will be highly

Thanks for your response.

Jens Tornøe
Department of Molecular Biology
NsGene, Pederstrup, Denmark

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