ho to make a probe??

Gregor Bucher st2153 at zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de
Thu Feb 10 11:03:43 EST 2000

HI Robbie

We reuse the columns that come with microspin.

Just insert apr. 800 ul Sephadex 50 and centrifuge at 4000 rpm for two
minutes. then apply the sample (aprox 20-50 ul) and spin again for 2 min
at 4000. the small particles (like ions and nucleotides) will stay in the
small holes in the sephadex whereas the larger parts will flow through. I
would *not* wash with an additional volume because this may increase the
elution of the low molecular stuff. We use that for separating nucleotides
from sequence reactions and I used it to clean up a probe from radioactive
label, too. 

hope this helps!

Gregor Bucher, Zoologisches Institut der LMU München
st2153 at zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de

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