Best bacteria for mammalian protein expression

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Thu Feb 10 20:45:48 EST 2000

Cornelius Krasel wrote:

> Gareth <gphillip at> wrote:
> > Anyone heard of a bacterial strain that's been enhanced for mammalian
> > protein expression with tRNA's more suitable for the human codon
> > frequency.
> Yes, there are modified BL21 sold by Stratagene. I don't know whether
> they influence the protein expression considerably; this might depend
> on your protein of choice.

I presume you mean the CodonPlus strains.  There are two different types: one
containing  argU, ileY and leuW, and one containing argU or proL   One of my
colleagues tried it on a number of proteins and see significant improvement in
expression for only one of them (the improvement for that particular protein is
actually quite considerable, though it doesn't make the protein easily to work
with, what with precipitation, protein disappearing down the column... I should
know, I have to work on that stupid protein).  These cell strains are therefore
useful for only some proteins and it is best to check the codon usage pattern of
your protein before you buy it.

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