Kit for RNA-isolation?

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Hello Ina
> Hi there,
> I am considering to buy a kit for the isolation of total RNA from tissue
> culture.
> I would appreciate any recommendations, warnings, tips etc.

The 5 I have used are.
Ultraspec2 from Ambion "I think"(preferred to the above and both about 90ukp)
Advanced Biotechnologies do a similar reagent for about the same price. I
think they have wee 20ml sample bottles. Mail me and I'll dig out the
details if you dont have a catalogue.

Promega SV kit (includes DNase1 treatment on the spin column. (spelling?)

Quiagen RNeasy (no Dnase1 treatment but I prefer it to the promega one)

If your centrifuge is small I suggest you ask quiagen/promega for a spin
column to make sure it fits. I also think they sell cheap trial boxes of
20 preps.

> Thanks a lot, Ina

bob (in the lab at 6am; I must be mad)

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