Autoclaving glycerol for e'competent cells and other ?s

Rudi van de Wetering ReplyToButNoSpamR.vandewetering at
Fri Feb 11 09:35:58 EST 2000

>Hi all, I notice in the FAQ that it is recommended that the 10%

FAQ?? I din't know there was one for this group. Where can I find it?

>glycerol solutions used in the washes of electrocompetent cells, are
>prepared fresh, and not autoclaved or even filter sterilized.
>Can someone explain what might happen to the glycerol during
>autoclaving and/or what problems filter sterilizing is likely to cause?
>Does it really cause problems?

Don't know the answer to this one exept that its difficult to filter
sterilize glycerol due to its viscosety. We do autoclave glycerol for making
'normal' competent bacteria without problems.


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