on-line (distance education) courses?

Andrea Hansen webmaster at bioinformatik.de
Sun Feb 13 12:02:39 EST 2000

"Jaco Hendriks" <jaco.hendriks at freeler.nl> writes:

> I am a technician working for 8 years in the field of molecular biology. I
> would like to do a course or programm to keep up-to-date. It also would be
> nice to get a degree. It should be a course in the above field or in the
> field of genetics. Does anybody have a suggestion about how to find a course
> like this? I would like to do it on-line via the www, because I only have
> one day off a week and because of that I am not able to follow a regular
> study at an university.
You find some links here:
Most of them  are for bioinformatics but a few are for molecular biologist.

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