Amicon (Millipore) Electroelutoer

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Mon Feb 14 19:00:46 EST 2000

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zlin at says...
>I am wondering whether any of you have used an electroeluter from Amicon
>(now part of Millipore) called "centrilutor".  The product looks good, 
>but I would like to hear from people who have real experience with it 
>before spending a few houndred bucks on it.Many thanks in advance.
>Zhanglin LinPhylosLexington, MA


In a former life I evaluated the Centrilutor for Amicon and found it 
to be a very nice product.  I have no current connection but can assure 
you it performs as claimed, is simple to use, and will do a very nice 
job of recovering macrosolute from gel slices.

Best regards,

Bill Bowers
Orbital Biosciences, LLC

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