ABR, JEM, and advertising

Tim Spahlinger txs at po.cwru.edu
Tue Feb 15 09:02:49 EST 2000

I agree with you 110%!!!!!!!!

"Ian A. York" wrote:

> While reading the latest Journal of Experimental Medicine, I was dismayed
> to find that they're allowing a method of advertising I think is
> unacceptable for an academic journal.  In the body of an article (not in
> banner ads or off to the side; actually in the article), the word
> "affinity" is highlighted.  It clicks through to the home page of Affinist
> BioReagents.  In other words, JEM has marked up the article, converting
> meaningful words into advertisements.
> This not only cheapens the article itself and raises questions about the
> integrity of the journal (will they start demanding that authors put in
> buzzwords?  Change data to allow more product placement?), but, it seems
> to me, is probably questionable legally--certainly morally.  The
> assumption is that the authors are responsible for the content of an
> article.  This sort of thing implies that the authors are endorsing
> ABR; more likely, they don't even know that their words are being used
> this way.
> I know that Remarq was tring a similar approach using Usenet posts they
> had archived, and that received a storm of protest from people who
> resented having their words used for advertising without permission.  The
> JEM case isn't quite as egregious, since JEM owns the copyright in the
> latter case while Remarq did not, but the difference is a technical legal
> one (if it exists at all), and doesn't alter the ethical problem.
> I've sent complaints to JEM and to ABR.
> I know that this post is questionably on-topic for the group.  Sorry.
> It's something I found infuriating.  Perhaps I'm too idealistic, and
> science today is just another sales tool, I dunno.
> Ian
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