Band distorsion and RFLP

Margarita Mauro mmauroherrera at
Tue Feb 15 18:31:12 EST 2000

    I'm having problems with my DNA samples in RFLP gels. When I run the
gels, some of the samples seem to run at a different rate than others.
The blots hybridize fine, but the bands are so wavy that it's hard to
tell which are polymorphic or not.
    I'm isolating genomic DNA from both wild and cultivated accessions
of Phaseolus vulgaris (common bean). I've used both SDS and CTAB
procedures, extensive phenol/chloroform extractions and precipitation.
Phenol extraction seems to help a little but not enough and I'm not too
excited about doing 400 phenol extractions. Apparently this is not a new
problem, a graduate student about 5 years ago had the same problem and
couldn't find a solution.
    Has anyone had a similar experience or have any ideas as to how to
solve this problem ??

Thank you for any information you may provide,

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