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Donald bell91 at
Tue Feb 15 21:40:13 EST 2000

          "Much more than e-mail . . . it's SuperMail!"

Free Web-based e-mail and Personal Communications Service

Ø Super Easy Access - since SuperMail is accessible from any computer
connected to the Internet, you can get your e-mail whether you're at
home, at the office, at a friend's house or on the road

plus, built-in POP3 support gives you the ability to access messages
in non-Web-based e-mail accounts (such as your existing work or home
e-mail account) from within SuperMail

Ø Super Calendars - integrated group calendars allow you to
coordinate the schedules of you and your family, friends, club or
association members, and colleagues; individual calendars also

Ø Super Message Management - color coding and autofiling of incoming

Ø Super Chat - chat function lets you communicate in real time with
people across the country and around the world

Ø Super Signatures - option of using different signatures on the same

Ø Super Privacy - ability to block specified senders

    And that's not all - check out these Super Services to come:

Ø Unified messaging, which will allow you to receive telephone (voice
) messages, faxes, and e-mail in the same Supermail account

Ø Real-time multilingual translation, which will allow you to
instantly translate e-mail from English to other languages

To register as a user, just go to - it's
quick, easy and completely FREE.

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