where do you purchase your restriction enzymes?

Francesca Catalano fcatala at luc.edu
Wed Feb 16 22:16:14 EST 2000

NEB is the best.. it is all we use. Their cheaper prices are a bonus.
Francesca Catalano
fcatala at luc.edu

Frederik Börnke wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have some kind of general question. We regularly buy our
> restriction enzymes from Boehringer 'cause we made some
> bad experiences with enzymes from other suppliers. Since our
> group is expanding rapidly and cloning work increases we are
> in search of alternatives especially for the rather expensive
> REs like NotI, NcoI etc.. I found NotI to be 8 times less
> expensive at NEB's so I'd like to give it a try. Where do you
> get your enzymes from? And how are they in respect to compatibility
> with enzymes from other suppliers? For instance, we used to have
> some enzymes from Amersham but made the experience that most
> of them are not compatible with the ones from Boehringer with
> respect to the buffer. Any thoughts?
> Ricky
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