biotylilated oligo non soluble

Carmelo carmelo.diprimo at
Thu Feb 17 04:24:22 EST 2000

Yes Biotin is not the problem! 

With such an oligo you probably get some G-quadruplexes. These structures
are known to be stabilized by salts, potassium, sodium or even ammonium.
It depends on the sequence and the orientation of the quadruplex.

I am surprised your lyophilized oligo is kind of yellow, it sounds to me
like a problem with the deprotection.

Actually what I suggest first is to ask for a non biotinylated oligo to be
sure there is no problem with biotin (I'm pretty sure this is not the
problem but just in case). I strongly suggest to check with mass
spectroscopy you have the right mass for the biotynilated oligo you asked
(and the non biotynilated?). I had a problem with a G-rich oligo last
year. Some companies seem to have troubles for G rich oligos. Depending on
the compagny I did not get the same results. I made a mass spectro and one
of the synthesis was not good (not sufficiently deprotected). This is the
only way to carefully check the oligo. Then if you have a nice peak to the
right mass you can try to understand why it is not soluble. Not before.
Some companies even can do that for you (not expensive at all). 

Hope this helps


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