PCR from blood dots on paper ?

Jens Tornoe jtNOjtSPAM at neurosearch.dk.invalid
Thu Feb 17 04:32:38 EST 2000

There should be enough template in a 1 cm blood dot for a large
number of reactions. I would dissolve the clots in a small
volume of TE buffer for long term storage at -20C.

The initial heating step in your PCR reaction should be
sufficient for lysing the cells. Run 30-35 cycles to get a
sufficient amount of product. Your cycle could look like this (a
standard PCR protocol):

96 C   5 min

96 C   30 s
55 C   30 s
72 C   1 min/kb of product
these 3 steps are repeated 30-35 times

72 C   5 min
4  C

If your main purpose is just to detect a band of a specific
size, conventional and cheap Taq should do the trick.

Good luck

Jens Tornøe
Dept. of Molecular Biology
NsGene, Denmark

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