undigestable genomic DNA

Sergio sergioal at solea.quim.ucm.es
Thu Feb 17 04:38:11 EST 2000

Gregor Bucher wrote:

> Hi southern-freaks!
> I want to do a southern with genomic DNA (insect). When I digest the DNA
> with Hind3 it looks fine. With EcoR1 and Xho however, there is quiete a
> bit high molecular DNA that obviously has not been digested (digesting 2
> hours or o/n does not change things). Does anybody have experience with
> genomic southerns?

To improve the digestions we use to add BSA even when the suppliers don't
suggest it.
Just another posibility (maybe trivial): EcoRI and XhoI get inhibited by
5-methylcytosine and N6-methyladenine.


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