sequence with no startcodon

Dr. Inge Depoortere inge.depoortere at
Thu Feb 17 06:00:00 EST 2000

We have been sequencing the peptide motilin from several species (monkey,
human, pig, dog, cat,rabbit, cow, horse, sheep) by using the 5'/3'race kit
(Boehringer). However the rat and guinea pig always failed. However,
finally we obtained the sequence from the guinea pig too. We obtained the
3' end without problem, but the 5' end was more difficult. In the other
species we have a 3'untranslated region, a signal peptide of 25 amino
acids, followed by motilin. However in the guinea pig the 3'untranslated
region is lacking and the signal peptide only consists of 2 amino acids,
with no startcodon. Can anyone tell me what the problem can be.
Kind regards

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