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Thu Feb 17 07:05:58 EST 2000

On 17 Feb 2000, Dr. Inge Depoortere wrote:

> We have been sequencing the peptide motilin from several species (monkey,
> human, pig, dog, cat,rabbit, cow, horse, sheep) by using the 5'/3'race kit
> (Boehringer). However the rat and guinea pig always failed. However,
> finally we obtained the sequence from the guinea pig too. We obtained the
> 3' end without problem, but the 5' end was more difficult. In the other
> species we have a 3'untranslated region, a signal peptide of 25 amino
> acids, followed by motilin. However in the guinea pig the 3'untranslated
> region is lacking and the signal peptide only consists of 2 amino acids,
> with no startcodon. Can anyone tell me what the problem can be.
> Kind regards
> Inge

It appears that your sequencing reaction isn't working.

Kind regards, 

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