SV: Primer removal

Dag Rune dag.rune.gjellesvik at
Thu Feb 17 10:03:34 EST 2000

You may use Exonuclease I instead. This will degrade primers completely
after a 15min @37C incubation.  Inactivate Exo I by heat treatment. Simple.

Dag Rune Gjellesvik
Biotec ASA

"Dr.Narayana R.Isola" <isola at> skrev i
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> Are there any columns out there which will remove the PCR primers
> completely. The primers I have are in the range of 25-30 bases. I have
> tried G25 columns and Quiagen columns but I do get traces of the
> primers. I need to remove the primers completely even if this leads to a
> small reduction of the product.
> Dr.Narayana R.Isola
> isola at
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