Amplitaq Gold in RapidCycler!

A.F. Simpson AFS7 at
Thu Feb 17 18:50:51 EST 2000

Csaba Kiss wrote:
> Hi!
> We are using a Rapid cycler from Idahotec. I used Platinum Taq polymerase to
> do hot start PCR before and it works perfectly. Now we have a very good
> price offer from PE to use Amplitaq Gold. If you want to use the Gold you
> have to keep your sample at 95 degree for 10 minutes to activate the enzyme.
> In the Rapid Cycler, however, the denaturation step is very short, ususally
> 0 sec. Is it enough to activate the enzyme fully, even if I insert a 10
> minute 95 degree initial incubation?

_As I understand it_ after the initial activation step the enzyme
remains active - you don't have to reactivate at each cycle.  So the
answer is yes, a 0 second denaturation in subsequent steps should be
enough.  You could always ring/email PE technical support for a second

> Csaba


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