Genomic phage bank

Sergio sergioal at *NOSPAM*
Thu Feb 17 10:36:07 EST 2000

Do you want to clone a single gene ?
If you already have a probe i suggest you to use a common vector (like
pBluescript or pUCs) using the BamHI site, and performing the screening by
colony-blot. 8 kb is not very big for those vectors and they are really easy to
work with.
Lot of people could provide you an E.coli strain and the vector, probably within
your own university. Culture media and antibiotics (ampicillin) are easy to find
as well.
why do you want to use the phages?

Sorry for my bad english

"Dirk Müller" wrote:

> I want to build a phage bank from genomic A. nidulans DNA. It is my first
> time doing this so i have absolutely no experience. Can anyone give some
> hints, recommend a good (and cheap - I work at a university) kit?
> In southern analysis i get a positiv signal with BamHI digested genomic DNA
> at about 8 kb. The gene of interest will be at least 3 kb in size.
> thanx,
> by, Dirk...
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