Bailey's Irish Creme

Colin Rasmussen colin at
Thu Feb 17 13:38:33 EST 2000

Nick Theodorakis wrote:

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> >Roxanne Walder wrote:
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> >> Does anyone have a protocol which uses Bailey's Irish Creme
> in the blocking
> >> solution?
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> >Nope, but I remember one published by Alex Elbrecht that used
> O'Darby's.
> >
> >Colin
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> Many years ago (in the late 1980's, IIRC), Bert O'Malley
> published
> on this in FOCUS or some other trade journal.

It was FOCUS, but it was Alex and another post-doc (I think it was Dave Rowley)
in Bert's lab at Baylor College of Medicine that published the paper.  I was a
student at the time and it happened after one of our famous departmental
parties.  They even had a party when the paper came out.


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