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> Theodosios Kyriakou wrote:
> Hi, Theo!
Hello there

> Which plasmid is it?

pCAT-basic (promega)
> Firstly, have you tried a CAT assay on mock transfected 293s (no
> at all, just lipid and the same treatment as the trasnfected cells),
> just to make sure it's not the assay step which is giving the weird
> results?

Yes i did.No problems there

> Secondly, which 293 cells are you using?  As well as the ordinary ones
> there are some of my stocks in the liq N2 which came stably
> with an EBNA gene and which I suppose might behave oddly although
> off-hand I can't think of a reason why they should.

I am using the ordinary ones but the EBNA ones have no problems as well.

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