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Sat Feb 19 22:19:39 EST 2000

Dear Lou,

   my name is beth.  pardon the lack of attention to
punctuation - i find it too time consuming.  i do not own
any stock in genetronics - however (please enlighten me if
i am in the wrong - - - CHAT.....room - i was under the
impression that this venue included - - stock talk - -or
perhaps i missed the humorous bent in your message (my
fault entirely)  at any rate - am looking at small cap
biotech stocks - just a beginner here - - and am wondering
(oh - what a nasty business that can be no?) if anyone
thinks that this is a good buy.  now.....if mums the word -
i understand - - and if the perception is that a person has
to keep his goodies to himself - well - - i can appreciate
that.  however, should anyone wish to comment on this
company and why it's better than a snickers bar - i would
most humbly appreciate it.
...........................the $2500 minimum to get into
the janus global life sciences fund is just a ....taaaad
over my budget....but biotech - is the way to go.


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