GMS-cometition/probe quantitation

Moez Torki moez at
Mon Feb 21 03:28:55 EST 2000

Hello biomolers,

I'm performing GMS using a 160 pb DNA probe. The probe was PCR amplified,
EcoRI restricted, G-50 purified, 32P end-filled and agarose gel purified.
Doing that way I've got probes with very *hot* : 7 million cpm. I used
30,000 cpm for the GMS and had nice shift. Now I'd like to perform
GMS-competition with unlabelled fragment, but I don't know exactely how
many pmoles of my labelled probe I'm actually using ... Hence I'd like to
know if there is a formula to convert the cpm (of a clean probe) to pmoles
of DNA ?

Thanks for any hint,



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