Enzymatic vitelline layer degradation?

Kasper Dreyer kasper at imsb.au.dk
Mon Feb 21 07:05:48 EST 2000

Hello Group

I order to perform binding studies with Xenopus oocytes I need to remove the
vitelline layer. My binding protein is 30 Kd and thus too large to pass the
vitelline pores but what is the best method to remove the vitelline layer? To my
knowledge collagenase treatment does not significantly degrade the vitelline
layer - only the epithelial layer. Obviously you can remove it mechanically but
is there a better way, e.g. an enzymatic digestion protocol. Is there such a
thing as "vitellinase"?

This may be a rather elementary question but I'd very much appreciate any help
on the issue

Kasper Dreyer
University of Aarhus

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