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>> Dear All...
>> The bacterial plasmids i transfected into mammalian cells are able to
>> replicate in mammalian cells. However i have trouble distinguishing between
>> the bacterial plasmids and the plasmids that have been replicated in the
>> mammalian cells. Does anyone know a good protocol for replication assay ?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Please reply to mimiliao at
>> mimi
>You might wish to try Dpn I digestion to distinguish input plasmid from
>those which have replicated within target cells; input plasmid will be
>digested while replicated should remain untouched.
>Sorry I don't have a reference handy but a quick scan of medline or pubmed
>should yield something.

This is probably because DpnI cut only methylated site of GATC. Plasmids
grown in dam+ strain E.coli. should be methylated, and hence digested by
DpnI, while replicated plasmids in mammalian cells are not methylated, and
resistant to the digestion.

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