dialysis device

Dave Parcej parcej at biophys.NOSPAM.mpg.de
Tue Feb 22 10:31:02 EST 2000

What volume are you planning to dialyse? The mini-slidalysers are pretty
good for between 50 and 200 microlitres. The big slide-a-lysers are very
nice but expensive!!


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> Hi all, 
> I'd like to dialyze a protein purified from E. coli. 
> I'm aware of of a product called slide-a-lyzer from pierce and I'd 
> like to know if this device is useful or if there is something 
> else that might be better. Or should I use conventional dialysis 
> tubing (though I'm afraid that the handling will cause relatively 
> high losses)
> All input is welcome!
> Wolfgang
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