Trivial transformation improvement

Rafael Maldonado rmaldonado at
Wed Feb 23 08:24:28 EST 2000

ChenHA wrote:
> Why don't you do some thinking yourself?  What is the doubling time of
> e.coli?  If you incubate it for 2 hours how many cells would you get from a
> single transformants?  If you get only 3 colonies, it is likely that you're
> only getting a single transformant, what conclusion can you possibly draw with
> only a single transformant?  Chance would be a better explanation for your 3
> colonies.

Not everything in Science is thinking. There is also knowledge.

Bacteria don't grow well at high cell concentration, as in the recovery
step after trasformation. Doubling times in a growing culture cannot be
extrapolated to cells recovering from a transformation step,
concentrated 10 to 50 fold of a overnight culture, and after a sort of
stress condition.

So, one hour recovery incubation does not give you siblings after



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