SV: Gel drying pump

Dag Rune dag.rune.gjellesvik at
Wed Feb 23 10:30:14 EST 2000

I think a simple filter pump (water jet from the tap) is sufficient, if tap
water with sufficient pressure is available. Really low cost, but a bit

Dag Rune

Michael Benedik <benedik at> skrev i
meldingsnyheter:586.1260883652.50707 at
> Does someone out there in netland have suggestions for a low cost pump
> for gel drying. Ours has died and I am looking to replace it but would
> rather not spend thousands for a new pump.
> We usually only dry one gel at a time, so low volume, and these are
> predominantly SDS-PAGE gels.
> Thanks for any suggestions
> MIchael Benedik
> University of Houston
> benedik at

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