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> Does someone out there in netland have suggestions for a low cost pump 
> for gel drying. Ours has died and I am looking to replace it but would 
> rather not spend thousands for a new pump. 
> We usually only dry one gel at a time, so low volume, and these are 
> predominantly SDS-PAGE gels. 
The pump can be rebuilt.  A kit for rebuilding the pump should be about
200-300 dollars.  It is rather simple for a mechanically inclined
individual.  If you are drying down gells that have been exposed to acetic
acid then you should put a trap with carbonate in line.  Acetic acid will
wreck the inside of your pump. Also ther are some companies that will sell
you a rebuilt pump for ~400 dollars with the exchange of your old pump.The
company that we found is called HP Equipment Company.  Also, you should be
very religous about changing the oil.


Peter Pediaditakis
University of Pittsburgh
Dept. of Pathology

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