fluorescent protein assay

J. Martinez-Irujo jjmirujo at unav.es
Wed Feb 23 13:23:52 EST 2000

> I recall someone talking about a fluorescent assay for total protein
> concentration (as in BCA, Bradford) that was not influenced by the
> presence of detergent or phospholipid.  Does this ring a bell with
> anyone?
> --
> Mark Bowen

Molecular Probes sells a reagent to quantitate lipoproteins and proteins
in lipid mixtures 10-ng-150 ug (CBQCA Protein Quantitation Kit) (no idea
about price, quality, reliability....). In our lab we just use a
modified Lowry assay procedure (with SDS)  compatible with lipids and
non-ionic detergents (Peterson (1977) Anal Biochem 83, 346-356).

Juan J. Martinez Irujo
Departamento de Bioquimica
Universidad de Navarra


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