Glycerol: v/v or w/v?

Colin Rasmussen colin at
Thu Feb 24 17:20:52 EST 2000

John Rebers wrote:

> When making a solution of glycerol that is supposed to be 50% (for
> example), is this to be interpreted as a volume/volume percentage (i.e. 50
> ml of glycerol in 100 ml final volume) or a weight/volume pecentage (i.e.
> 50 g or glycerol in 100 ml final volume). I suppose it could also be
> interpreted as a weight/weight solution.... Since glycerol is a liquid, I'd
> always used the volume/volume interpretation, but just ran across someone
> who was using weight/volume instead. Curious as to which was correct, or at
> least more commonly used.


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