book,software & product reviewers needed - keep all review titles for your use

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Thu Feb 24 23:46:19 EST 2000

Win a Compaq Aero 1500 palm size computer or a DVD player or a 
Digital Camera!

Our records show that you have had an interest in books, software 
and consumer products.

We need reviewers to write brief reviews and post them to our 
review web site.

The process is very simple! You can request virtually any product 
and receive these review products directly from the publisher or 
manufacturer. They even pay all shipping charges! You keep all 
review products after you post a brief review to our review web 

All you have to do is register to become a reviewer and we send 
you the necessary forms and information showing you how to start 
receiving review products and how to write product reviews. In 
the event you don't receive all of the products you requested we 
have a free replacement policy. See the FAQ section on our web 
page for more information on our replacement policy.


Send an email to teresapoole at with the words STARTER 
KIT 0222DTI in the message subject line. We will send you 
complete information on how you can become a registered reviewer 
for us. You will see what hundreds of other individuals who had 
absolutely no experience in writing reviews, have received. One 
woman received over $4,000 in books alone over the past year.

Remember you can request virtually any PC or Macintosh software 
program, any book (fiction or non-fiction) and any consumer 
product costing less than $300.

Just by ordering one review request package you will be entered 
into our March 29th drawing for the above prizes.


Kristen Matthews,  Marketing Director

PS - We are looking for several individuals to work out their 
home for us. You can earn cash income on a weekly basis. 

If you are interested in the details please send an email to 
teresapoole at with the words HOME INCOME in the message 
subject line. We will send you a complete information package 
describing the job opportunity and benefits.

REMOVE INSTRUCTIONS: To have your email message removed from our 
database reply to this message with the word REMOVE in the 
message subject line.


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