ECV 304 Are these endothelial cells?

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Fri Feb 25 05:00:58 EST 2000

Klaus Kunath <Kunath at> schrieb im Beitrag
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> it seems that all cell culture collections claim ECV 304 to be identical
> T-24.

How comes?

> I am also looking for an endothelial cell line, but I think there
> isn't any. 

We have one called HBMEC (Bone marrow EC), which is made via Large
T-Antigen Expression. The Author´s name is Pannkoek. Mail me for complete
If it is useable for your work is best checked by yourself. 

> Probably HUVECs (human umbilical vein endothelial cells) are one
> of the best alternatives, they are commercially available from companies
> can be prepared from umbilical cords using standard protocols and
> appropriate media.

But then you have primary cell culture, which is much more complicated, the
cells grow slow etc.
And (at least in Germany) you have much more legal problems than with
immortal lines.

  Jan-Henner Wurmbach

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