excessive bps to NdeI

Johns053 at mc.duke.edu Johns053 at mc.duke.edu
Mon Feb 28 08:28:27 EST 2000

The New England Biolabs catalogue has a table with such information.  According
to it, you need to have more than 6 bp on each side of the NdeI recognition

zhongyi at sunm.shcnc.ac.cn on 02/27/2000 10:30:40 AM

To:   methods at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Subject:  excessive bps to NdeI

   if I want to improve the cleavable efficiency of primer with NdeI recognition
site,how many excessive bps should be added to side of the NdeI recognition
The cleavage efficiency is 0%  when only 1 base is added .Can anybody give me
more information ?
   Thanks in advance

            Biochem at kali.com.cnYuan Zhongyi



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