pSP6/T7-19 or AIMV RNA 4 transciption vector

Alain Kohl akohl001 at
Mon Feb 28 12:53:56 EST 2000

Dear all,

I'm looking for a vector called pSP6/T7-19, which was once sold by Gibco
but it's no longer produced. A derived plasmid, pSP6/T7-AIMV 4 which
contains part of the AIM virus 4 RNA under control of the SP6 promotor,
would also help. This plasmid was once described by Shi et al (Virology,
1995) (the corresponding has appearently retired since) and it is used for
RNA capping studies.

Thanks for your help!

Dr Alain Kohl
Division of Virology
University of Glasgow
Church Street
Glasgow G11 5 JR
Scotland, UK


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