sephadex problem

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The course beads have a higher flow rate and is often favored over the fine
for the convenience of speed. The exclusion limit is the same in both coarse
and fine. It should work fine for such things as desalting or "clean up"

At 06:24 PM 2/28/00 -0000, Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:
>hi all, 
>in a protocol, one needs sephadex g25 fine. on my shelf there is g25 
>coarse. does this just mean big / small beads or is there a important 
>difference i should take notice of? the protocol uses sephadex for 
>separating a 80 kd protein from low mw impurities after a chemical 
>generally, a pointer to gel filtartion theory would be helpful to me.
>thanks for all input!
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