Flag column

Matt Thomas mthomas at hsc.usf.edu
Mon Feb 28 11:42:07 EST 2000

Currently I'm co-expressing a complex with one of the proteins tagged with
the Flag epitope.  This is done in Baculvirus/Sf9 cells.  After expression,
lysis and a spin, I'm running the lysates over Sgima's Flag resin to clean
it up and as a first step in a purification.  I've found that about 50 to
75% of my protein does not bind and just flows through the column.  I'ved
tried both running it though a column and a batch meathod.  With the batch
working worse than the column.  Anyone have any suggestions on things I
should be careful of using this system?  When I put it on the column my flow
rate is something like 3 to 4 min/ml taking about 30min to load.  I've run
the intial flow through back through with only moderate improvement.  With
the batch meathod I put the resign and lystate in a concial tube and put it
on a rotating wheel in the cold.  

Thanks for any suggestions.  One thing I'm worried about is since I'm
expressing a complex maybe the flag epitope is hidden but since I do get a
reasonable amount bound I'm not convinced of this.

Matthew Thomas, Ph. D
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, University of South Florida
mthomas at hsc.usf.edu  

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