Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank.Fackelmayer at
Thu Jan 6 04:27:00 EST 2000

"Dr. Duncan Clark" wrote:

> In article <84vdkl$oeh$1 at>, tweissen at writes
> >'Happiness' of the enzyme is perhaps not the most
> >important factor.
> Bad choice of word when I wrote this - a bit too vague.

No, Duncan. It is the perfect word for it because it covers all possible
aspects that may contribute to enzyme activity. In fact, when working with
proteins, we always try to find conditions that keep the protein "happy".
Lots of things in protein science are "a bit vague", that´s what I like
about it.
BTW: Isn´t this newsgroup the place where we can be a bit sloppy in our
wording as long as it is clear what we mean?


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