Is my protein a transcription factor?

Lucia lolallaNOloSPAM at
Wed Jan 12 09:51:07 EST 2000

Dear readers,

 I have cloned the cDNA encoding for a new protein (letÿffffc3ÿffffa2ÿffffe2ÿffff82ÿffffacÿffffe2ÿffff84ÿffffa2s
l it
protein ÿffffc3ÿffffa2ÿffffe2ÿffff82ÿffffacÿffffc5ÿffff93Aÿffffc3ÿffffa2ÿffffe2ÿffff82ÿffffacÿffffc2ÿffff9d) and I donÿffffc3ÿffffa2ÿffffe2ÿffff82ÿffffacÿffffe2ÿffff84ÿffffa2t know what the function of this unkn
own protein
could be (no similarity to any known protein). However, I
have some
information that may suggest that this protein could work as
transcription factor. First, the protein is a small one (124
acids). Second, it is a basic protein, the theoretical pI is
(depending on the software used). And finally, using the
two-hybrid system, when the hybrid DNA-BD/Protein A was
expressed in
yeast,  it stimulated by itself the reporter genes tran
scription. I have
heard about the new CytoTrap two-hybrid system, which could
be suitable
for my case. In addition, I want to address the subcellular
ocation of
protein A. I wonder whether there is any other
technique to test my hypothesis (protein A is a
factor). I
would appreciate any thought on this.

Thanks in advance

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