direct sequencing of cosmid DNA

Warren watchcity at
Sat Jan 22 20:19:18 EST 2000

Hello, Have you tried P33 based PCR sequencing?  Use the size estimate for
the Cosmid to get the template in the correct molar range, and clean
(unfragmented, no salt, etc.) template.  Depending upon the specificity of
the primer, and quality of the template, the results can be outstanding.  The
larger the template, it seems, the better the results if you arecareful when
loading all that "stuff" onto the gel.	Cheers,  Warren

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  Colin Dolphin <colin.dolphin at> wrote:
> Dqear All
> Has anyone successfully obtained good quality sequence directly from
> cosmid DNA ?
> Colin Dolphin
> Dept of Pharmacy
> Kings College London
> London SE1 8WA
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