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drying glycine gels

Chris H Lindley chris at scotgate2.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 25 17:35:34 EST 2000

On Sat, 22 Jan 2000 07:52:00 -0600, jdeleha at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu wrote:
>I had a similar problem with gels cracking on our BioRad gel dryer and
>adding glycerol after destaining and fixing couldn't alleviate the problem
>completely as some gels still cracked (probably because our house vacuum is
>not strong enough).
>I came across a kit from Novex (division of Invitrogen) called the Gel-Ease
>gel drying system which dries the gel between two pieces of cellophane
>overnight at room temp in an EtOH-based drying solution. The end product is
>a nice laminated gel that is absolutely beautiful.  I just used it for the
>first time and the results are incredible.

I've used a similar system, and it's nice. But remember 35S's signal will be
ever so weak after coming through this! 
(If you're doing autorads that is!)

>I hate to endorse kits but gels are a big time investiment and it breaks my
>heart after all that work only to have them crack.  I would recommend this
>method of drying to anyone.

Too true!!

I use thin gels(0.8mm I think) and they hardly ever crack. This is 
straight after running them, without staining.

>A.F. Simpson wrote in message <3888A8F6.70FD at le.ac.uk>...
>>Erin_Flanagan wrote:
>>> I am trying to find info about drying small glycine gels (running small
>>> peptides on the gels) in standard gel dryers because I have been having
>>> continuing problems with my gels cracking.  Does anyone know where I
>>> find a comprehensive reviews or protocols for gel drying --other than the
>>> dryer's manual?
>>I don't know about a manual, but have your tried soaking overnight in
>>destain with 3% glycerol after fixing?  That solved my problems with
>>cracking gels.
>>> Thanks
>>> erin

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