using cheap digital camera to photograph gels

Roland Hübner rhubner at
Mon Jan 31 08:46:48 EST 2000

>         Do you have an idea of the sensitivity for this group of
> cameras?  The reason I ask is that I've seen a lot of very inexpensive
> (about US$50) but very sensitive (0.1 lux) black and white ccd cameras
> (about 500x500 pixels, so not great resolution either) in some electronics
> catalogs.

Hi there,
 important that you specify _B&W_ cameras because 3 years back I bought 
a QuickCam from Connectix for this job (this after having read a 
Biotechniques article)... For EtBr gel captures, I used an orange filter 
sheet that Audio Visual Centers get to select their projector filters...

 However, I had purchased a _Color_ camera (more sensitive) and found 
out that they can _NOT_ be used for EtBr gels (albeit very strong bands, 
such as upper lambda HindIII for instance could be visualized)...


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