Empty phages as in no DNA packaged

Peter Prevelige prevelig at uab.edu
Sat Jul 1 08:10:10 EST 2000

probably not strictly complete, since that vertex is usually closed and
for release it has to be open.

"(David Alexander)" wrote:

> Dr. Duncan Clark
> I don't have a reference for you,
> but try www.phage.org
> which is an extensive site for everything phage.
> The site includes a searchable library of phage references
> (stuff from the 1920s to the present)
> The only difficulty you might have is that
> nucleic acid packaging is often a key step in phage assembly
> (i.e. no nucleic acid, no complete phage)
> However, there are methods to induce nucleic acid release
> from phage after assembly to give complete, but empty heads.
> Good luck,
> David
> dalex at microimm.mcgill.ca
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