high speed gel electrophoresis

Eric Fairfield fairfiel at trail.com
Sat Jul 1 12:54:47 EST 2000

Dear Chih et al.
I designed, built and tested high speed gels in 1990.  I got a patent on
them.  We would routinely run lambda digests and get the same physical
separation and band clarity as standard gels.

The average run time was 2 minutes.

Yes there are some tricks having to do with cooling and other subtleties of

The gel apparatuses are not currently in production because other projects
dominated my time.

If you or anyone else on this list wants more details, please contact me.


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P.S. We seem to be able to separate intact yeast chromosomes in 12 minutes.
We have thousands of gels run to prove that this system works.  A patent
lawyer was even successful in getting the system to work by himself.

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> Dear News readers,
> I just found two biotechnology comppanies selling electrophoresis units
> allow you to run gel electrophoresis at high voltage (say, 250 volt or
> higher). Unfortunately, both systems are pretty expensive. Anyone has ever
> used these "high speed gel elctrophoresis" before? Can I find any
> alternative?
> Thank you very much for your advice in advance.
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