metall ion affinity purification of proteins - something better

BHKim at
Mon Jul 3 03:47:37 EST 2000

Wolfgang Schechinger schrieb:

> Hi all,
> are there other (competitive/better) methods for purifying proteins
> using affinity to chelated metal ions than his6 / nickel?
> all input is welcome!
> Wolfgang

Hi Wolfgang,

as far as I know Roche puduces an alternative purification kit,
'6xHis/zinc' system.
But I don't know whether it's more efficient than 6xHis/nickel system, I
havn't used it.
They say, reducing agents (DTT, beta-Mercaptoethanol) can be used during
the purifacation step, which is not the case in 6xHis/Ni system.

Byung-Hoon Kim

ZMBP-Allgemeine Genetik
Univerisity of  Tuebingen

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