alternatives to ethidium bromide

Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank.Fackelmayer at
Wed Jul 5 02:41:26 EST 2000

lamphier at wrote:
> If you turn off the lights and walk around the typical molecular biology
> lab with a hand-held UV light you may find stains in all sorts of
> interesting places you didn't know about. I've seen glowing doorknobs
> and sink handles, and bright orange splotches on people's chairs. Try it
> someday in your own lab.....

Hi Marc (and all the other posters),
I don´t want to enter the EtBr safety discussion (YES, protection is
good; YES, sloppy handling of EtBr is unlikely to kill you
instantly...), but rather point to the first statement of the original
post. Guys, we have done that several times, and we really see
fluorescent orange spots all over. BUT, we also saw these spots in rooms
that have never seen EtBr even from a distance. It took us quite a while
to solve this puzzler, until we finally realized that the spots come
from normal red lab pens! I´m not really concerned about them since...


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