S-35 and autoradiography

M.D. Farrar MICMDF at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Jul 5 07:57:45 EST 2000

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>Hi Group,
>	I am looking for experienced opinion about exposure times for S-35
>protein labelling followed by IP and exposing to X-ray film versus 
>Which of the above did u prefer and why?
>Thanks is advance.

I have used phosphorimaging for visualising 35-S labelled proteins after 
separation by SDS-PAGE. I loaded approx. 20,000 cpm per lane and exposed the 
gel to the imaging plate for 4 hours. I chose phosphorimaging because of its 
supposed greater sensitivity and reduced exposure time, plus the image comes 
up on the computer and can be easily transferred to other applications. Also, 
if the signal is not strong enough the gel can be re-exposed for a longer time 
period which is still quicker than using X-ray film. 

Best wishes

Mark Farrar 
Division of Microbiology
University of Leeds
Leeds, UK.
micmdf at leeds.ac.uk

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