Offtopic? Probe sequence similarities

choona xuna69 at
Wed Jul 5 08:36:42 EST 2000

Hi out there,

I have a bit of a prob :)  I am trying to find any reference which looks at
comparison of orthologous cDNAs/genes across different plant genera.

Specifically I am interested in the levels of sequence similarity for
orthologous genes in different plant species.

For example, are genes/cDNAs encoding enzymes involved in primary metabolism
more highly conserved in terms of sequence similarity than those involved in
secondary metabolism?

Is orthologue similarity a function of taxonomic 'relatedness' or should
each case be taken seperately?

This all comes back to use of using cDNAs of one species to screen libraries
of another, do we all just 'suck it and see' ?

Thanks in advance,


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