alternatives to ethidium bromide

Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Wed Jul 5 10:31:15 EST 2000

Chris LaRosa wrote:

> All in all EtBr. seems to be a trivial or relatively small hazard in
> life.
> P. C. LaRosa.

To make a point,,,, I exagerate the sloppyness of our technique... We
actually follow the reasonable restrictions required to minimize
contaminationb by potentially hazardous chemicals, no food in lab,
wearing of gloves when handling ETBR etc.
etc etc, since the Radiation safety standards and chemical safety
standards have become much more stringent in recent years.  Drinking the
P32 EtBr contaminated solutions is not allowed.    Still, the biggest
hazard about working in a biology lab still is getting there. We as a
society tolerate way too much carnage on the road, for many reasons.   I
propose that we legislate all automobiles to be built with governers to
minimize acceleration and top end speeds.... for a start.

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