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Hi Bionetters,

I'm passing on the following for your information or

No affiliation, although Abcam does
have a rather nice antibody search site.
I guess I can be classified as a 
satisfied user.

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Subject: Free the Genome online petition

Dear B Turner,

Abcam is hosting a campaign to ensure that the 
human genome sequence is freely available to all. 
We believe that raw unanalysed sequence data 
should not be patentable (since this may slow 
the progress of research). 

If you agree with this then please support us 
by putting your name to our online petition.

All you have to do is go to:

click on the "free the Genome" link and enter your name.  
That's it.  It should not take you anymore than 20 seconds.

The petition will be delivered at the end of July to 
The President of the US, Bill Clinton and the Prime Minister 
of the UK, Tony Blair.  

Therefore, please ask any other researchers you know 
to also put their names to the petition, so that the 
entire global research community can make their views known.

Thank you for your support,

Dr. Jonathan Milner

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